A very special thanks to Oliver McMillian and all of Team Edeline
for making such a difference in the lives of these children.


Project Edeline

In 2010, a catastrophic 7.0M earthquake hit Haiti, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties, and leaving over
3 million people wounded, homeless, and impoverished. Although many countries came forward with humanitarian aid, many children were left orphaned and homeless, with no hope for the future. 

Edeline Felizor, a survivor of the earthquake, was left crushed under the rubble of her school building with life threatening injuries. But to this Haitian teacher and nurse, the children who were left orphaned and homeless were far more devastating than anything she had endured. “My dream has always been to help children. I want to do that through a school that will give hope to the poorest children in Haiti,” said Edeline.
As a result, Institute Edeline was established in 2011.

Under the umbrella of Youth Without Borders (501C3), Project Edeline gives the children of Haiti a chance for a brighter future. Funded completely by Project Edeline sponsors, the elementary school located in Beudet, Haiti provides an education, clean water, food, and healthcare to children in need. Beyond improving the lives of the children, Project Edeline works towards restoring economic hope and stability for the country.

Please help us in our mission to transform this community by donating or sponsoring an Institute Edeline student. To learn more about getting involved with Project Edeline, visit us at www.projectedeline.com