Physical Therapy: At LJSPT we value quality of living as our highest priority. When pain, immobility, and weakness have taken you away from the things you love, we help you return to living.

Our philosophy is to integrate treatment with exercises that will help strengthen your weakness, mobilize your joints and reduce your pain. We pride ourselves in teaching self treatment techniques so you can manage the injury on your own and enjoy the life style you want to live.

Massage: Benefits include alleviating musculoskeletal pain, improve overall patient mobility, decrease inflammation, enhance immunity, athletic recovery, and overall improved circulation. Body work modalities offered at LJSPT include: Neuro-muscular therapy, Muscle Energy work, Esalen, Tui Na, Reiki, and crania-sacral techniques.

Pilates: Better known as "Strengthening by Lengthening," this form of fitness helps prevent injuries and encourages the body to stay strong through postural restructuring, strength and flexibility improvements, and enhances mental awareness of how your body moves. Pilates can often be done while an injury is healing since there are numerous non-weight bearing positions to strengthen in, while supporting the injured area.

Qigong: A holistic practice coordinating body posture and movement with breathing and meditation to enhance health, balance, and "quiet" for the individual. With roots in Chinese medicine, Qigong is viewed as a way to cultivate balance (qi/chi) also known as "life energy." Qigong practice includes moving meditation, slow coordinated movements, and deep breathing to assist the body's natural healing.